Workers’ Comp

Dr. Jimmy Conway provides comprehensive workers’ compensation care.
Whether your injury is the result of a traumatic event or repetitive use, you can depend on Dr. Jimmy Conway to provide quality care designed to get you back to work sooner.

  • Comprehensive Workers’ Comp Care
  • Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Prompt Appointment Times

I don’t treat a workers comp patient any different than any other patient. It’s important to me to treat all patients appropriately, whether they’re a star athlete or an injured worker. – Jimmy Conway, M.D.

If your injury is work-related, we will need the case number, insurance carrier, adjuster name, telephone number and date of injury prior to your visit in order to obtain authorization to treat you and bill the workers’ comp insurance company for all charges incurred in our office.

If your case is pending or unauthorized, you are responsible for all charges until a determination has been made regarding your case.

CONTACT US for questions regarding workers’ compensation treatment.

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