Tennis & Golfers Elbow

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is characterized by pain on the outside of the elbow. As a form of tendonitis, tennis elbow can be the result of a single traumatic event or repetitive smaller injuries over time. You don’t have to play tennis to suffer from tennis elbow. The condition was initially named for tennis players who suffered from debilitating pain to the outside of the elbow because of the repetitive motion of swinging a racket.

Tennis elbow most commonly affects people in their dominant arm, but can also occur in the non-dominant arm or both.  Treatment options for tennis elbow include a home exercise program, physical therapy or the use of anti-inflammatory medications. The need for surgery is infrequent, but may be necessary if others measures fail to bring relief.

Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s elbow is a form of tendinitis affecting the insertion point of the tendon onto the bone. Due to the force of the muscle, this insertion point can become inflamed. The pain associated with golfer’s elbow is usually located at the elbow joint and on the inside of the arm. The pain can also be experienced when trying to grip objects or when shaking hands.

Treatment for golfer’s elbow initially begins with conservative measures which may include activity modification or a change in lifting mechanics, medication, bracing or therapy. Surgery may be required if conservative care does not improve a patient’s symptoms and the patient continues to have difficulty with daily activity.

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