Suprascapular Nerve Release

The suprascapular nerve is responsible for the sensation in the back of the shoulder and upper arm. The nerve carries most of the pain receptors to the shoulder and rotator cuff muscles and passes through a small notch in the shoulder blade and to the back of the shoulder. Suprascapular nerve injuries are one of the culprits of shoulder pain and dysfunction. The nerve can be injured during trauma, repetitive overuse or during a rotator cuff surgery. Suprascapular nerve entrapment can cause serious shoulder dysfunction and pain.

If we free up the nerve by releasing the ligament it gets rid of a tremendous amount of pain after surgery. – Jimmy Conway, M.D.


  • Dull pain in the back of the shoulder, neck, arm or chest
  • Weakness of shoulder muscles
  • Wasting of muscles in back of shoulder
  • Loss of movement in the shoulder

Suprascapular nerve injuries can be treated without surgery. Conservative treatments include immobilization, rehabilitation of muscles and anti-inflammatory medication. When surgical intervention is recommended, the nerve is released from the tunnel where it’s trapped. Patients can expect pain relief and functional improvement. Shoulder impingement is often treated with minimally-invasive arthroscopic surgery.
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